Saturday, January 31, 2009

High Fidelity - Thom Gunn

I play your furies back to me at night,
The needle dances in the grooves they made,
For fury is passion like love, and fury's bite,
These grooves, no sooner than a love mark fade;
Then all swings round to nightmare: from the rim,
To prove the guilt I don't admit by day,
I duck love as a witch to sink or swim
Till in the ringed and level I survey
The tuneless circles that succeed a voice.
They run, without distinction, passion, rage,
Around a soloist's merely printed name
That still turns, from the impetus not choice,
Surrounded in that played-out pose of age
By notes he was, but cannot be again.


Crazytown said...

always loved this number--will learn it to heart on the bus-ride home tonight.

You know his "The Goddess"? "eyeless fishes meet

Maree said...

I have not... but now I want to. I really like his "Still Life."